Assisted Living Facilities for Senior Retirement Living

Nurse Caring Senior in Assisted Living Community Setting

Assisted living facilities (ALFs)A�serve seniors requiring assistance in day to day activities as aging and medical conditions progress.A�A� ALFs offer a much fuller array of services than independent living retirement communities and should be explored by families.

Assisted living facilities include residence (individual or shared accommodation), meals and medication management. However, assisted living communities are not Nursing Homes or Skilled Nursing Facilities. ManyA�ALFs include part-time registered nurses (RNs) to support the seniors’ medication management and other medical needs but not full-time skilled nursing services.

What is Assisted Living

Assisted living facilitiesA�provide the following services. Depending on the residents’ needs, customized service plans are offered with varying service and support levels.

  • Private residence / lodging
  • Personal care such as toileting, bathing, grooming and dressing
  • Meals service
  • Household services such as laundry, bedding and linen services
  • Medication management
  • Care for minor illnesses
  • Assistance in social activities
  • Physical fitness facilities
  • Transportation to appointments and activities
  • Errands and shopping services
  • Access to computers, internet, and television
These services and options may vary between different assisted living communities.

Why Assisted Living

Assisted living communities help seniors live a dignified retirement life with staffA� that serve as extended family members taking care of them.

TheA�reasonsA�for choosingA�an assisted living community are:

  • Independence
  • Convenience
  • Around the clock staff support
  • Personal dignity
  • Companionship

When to Choose Assisted Living

The assisted living community option can be selected whenA�a seniorA�cannot live independently at home, with or without homecare assistance, nor in an independent retirement living community.A� If the elder is medically fit and does not need a nursing home for continuous skilled nursing care, an assisted living community might be the best choice.

Assisted Living Payment Options

The cost of assisted living is not covered by Medicare but can be paid by long term care insurance (LTC Insurance) or private payment.A� While someA�eldersA�may be eligible for Medicaid, all communities may not accept Medicaid. Seniors or their family caregiversA�need to check with the communities they are considering regarding the payment options.

Assisted Living Communities

Information on assistedA�livingA�communitiesA�that provideA�services to seniors in your area or state of preference can be viewed in our Senior Living Directory under theA�Assisted Living Community category. Take a look at the facilitiesA�in your areaA�and submit your contact details soA�thatA�we can match your requirements.A� We canA�request the facilities to get in touch with you for additional information and a facility tour.

Refer to What is Assisted Living website for more information on assisted living options.