Celebrating the Mother’s Day in Senior Homes

May 11, 2013

Mother’s Day in the US is annually celebrated on the second Sunday of May. It is a day about honoring mothers and motherhood and about celebrating maternal bonds and the influence of mothers in society. Just like any other occasion, Mother’s Day also is celebrated with utmost love and enthusiasm in senior living communities.

Happy Mother's Day

Family members, friends, activity directors, and other caregivers are often looking for interesting ideas to do with homebound seniors in these communities. It takes a little effort and mindful creative thinking to make Mother’s Day a special occasion for those seniors who have failing health, are forgetful, and/or are weak.

There are several options for fun outings with active seniors who are looking forward to step out of the senior living home for the special day. These can include a trip to the local zoo or an art museum or to go for brunch or dinner at their favorite restaurants with their families. Some seniors just cherish to take a leisurely stroll in the park and enjoy a family picnic with their loved ones. For them, it is much more of an experience to visit the world outside their care facility than can be comprehended.  Others enjoy a shopping excursion to malls or a movie.

For some elders who are either in a nursing home or a senior care facility, the place they would always want to visit is their own family home. This is likely because it is a familiar setting and brings nostalgic feelings to have lunch/dinner there with their family members.

Mother and Daughter

On the other hand,  for the mom who is not allowed to go out of the nursing home, a celebration in the nursing home for Mother’s Day can mean much more than we realize.  Family members, friends, or caregivers can sit down and talk to her and spend time with her to celebrate her motherhood. If she is able to walk, they can take her to a garden for a walk or have meals with her in the nursing home dining room.  They can also share a framed photo of the family or a calendar of family photos to help her feel connected to the family. They can also help her to put together photo albums or to do a crossword puzzle since some seniors love solving puzzles while others enjoy scrap-booking.

Whatever families or caregivers do to celebrate Mother’s Day, they can definitely bring joy and happiness to senior mothers. Undoubtedly, senior mothers look forward to these celebrations with their kids and grand kids.  Therefore, families and caregivers can help them enjoy these festivities by including as many family members as possible. The Mother’s Day celebrations in a nursing home or a senior living community give the senior residents an opportunity to invite daughters, nieces, granddaughters, and other family members to enjoy some time with them.

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