Finding Romance In Senior Years

April 22, 2013

Some people may not think that seniors actually engage in the dating scene, but they do. The truth is that baby boomers and seniors get lonely, just like all other adults, and need relationships in their lives. For many seniors, romantic relationships allow them to have deep, personal bonds with someone new in their older years. The world of senior dating has really changed in recent years and now allows seniors to meet and date much more easily.

Senior Romance

Many seniors have already lived rich and full personal lives that include spending many years with a spouse that they loved dearly. They have also often raised children, worked and retired, gone on vacations, celebrated holidays, etc. These have all created a treasure of memories for seniors which makes moving on to a new partner more difficult in their later years. Most seniors married the first time for life and didnai??i??t imagine they would be in the dating scene again. However, when a spouse dies, a senior is often left alone and thus has the desire for companionship again.

What Challenges to Dating do Seniors Have

Dating is not easy for seniors to start doing again, regardless of whether their previous relationship was successful or ended in divorce. Fear of rejection and feelings of guilt (for moving on after losing a spouse) make senior dating a somewhat challenging and scary proposal. Adult children also often play a major role in their parents dating, either supporting them or being cautious and more protective. Also, women live longer than men making it more difficult for them to find eligible senior single men.

Venues for Senior Dating

A combination of medical technology and healthy lifestyles has extended the lives of many seniors. They often have energy and vigor to pursue new relationships. There are many more options available to them for dating also. Previously, seniors could only meet someone to date at a church, social function, senior center, or through friends. However, now the internet has opened many new doors for those seeking companionship. There are several dating websites that focus on the senior market and that are well designed.

Dating Websites for Seniors

The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) has their own new dating website called Howaboutwe. Some popular ones that are also senior friendly include Match, Eharmony, and Okcupid. Other successful ones which are solely for seniors include OurTime and SeniorFriendFinder. It is also much safer to date online nowadays because seniors can easily do background checks and screen their potential dates.


Thus modern technology has made it much more convenient and plausible for seniors to date and even get married again in their older years. Obviously, each senior has their own lifetime of personal experiences that can make them mature and interesting for another senior to meet and know. However, it is up to each one to decide whether they can overcome the emotional challenge of moving on from their previous lives and accept someone new to love. A future blog post will discuss dating strategies for seniors.

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