Joan Mondale, wife of former US Vice President, has entered Hospice Care

February 3, 2014

Joan Mondale’s family has announced that she has entered Hospice Care today. She is the wife of former Vice President of United States Walter Mondale, who served with Jimmy Carter as President.

Joan is 83. A statement released byAi??Westminster Presbyterian Church in Minneapolis seeks privacy and informs that the family and loved ones are with her in the hospice.

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End of life care at hospice should be considered by everyone. Hospice is not expensive, as Medicare and private insurance generally covers hospice care with some exceptions such as intravenous nutrition. However, many Americans end up in hospital ICUs and emergency rooms instead of a peaceful end under hospice care.

One recent survey found that 98 percent of family members said they would strongly recommend hospice care to others in need.Ai??And hospice isn’t just focused on cancer patients. According to the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization, about 40 percent of U.S. hospice admissions now involve patients with end-stage heart disease, dementia, lung disease or stroke. Experts predict that the current baby boomer generation will start utilizing hospice care effectively.

Update: Joan’s family announced that she died today (02/03/2014) three days after she was admitted to the hospice.

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