Skilled Nursing Homes for Senior Care

Nursing Homes for Seniors who require continuous Medical Attention and Skilled Nursing Services

Nursing homes or skilled nursing centers are suitable for seniors who require continuous medical attention and cannot live on their own without full time support from qualified health professionals.  These centers are often where seniors are discharged to when leaving the hospital after medical treatment.

What is Nursing Home Care

Unlike assisted living communities, skilled nursing homes provide round the clock medical care for residents. A registered nurse will be always on staff.

Nursing home facilities provide the following services:

  • Living / sleeping quarters
  • Personal care such as toileting, bathing and grooming
  • Meals preparation and feeding
  • Medical care
  • Registered nurse on premise
  • Laundry, making of bed, room cleaning, etc.
  • Medication management
  • Physical, occupational, and speech therapy
  • Social and community activities
  • Skilled nursing services

Who Should Choose Nursing Home Care

Seniors who cannot live independently in their own homes, live in independent retirement living communities, nor manage with assisted living community level services should likely opt for nursing home care.  Those who need constant medical care also should consider nursing home care.

Why Choose Nursing Home Care

If a senior chooses to live in a nursing home, there are obvious benefits.

  • Safety
  • Peace of mind for the family
  • Independence and convenience
  • Living with dignity

Nursing Home Care Payment Options

The cost of nursing home care can be paid out-of-pocket through private funds.  It can also be paid for with long term care insurance, given that the insurance is bought early enough that the senior qualifies through its underwriting guidelines.  Veterans Administration (VA) also provides for funding through its system of federal VA nursing homes and through some other programs.

Medicare can pay for nursing home care for up to 100 days provided that “skilled nursing care” is necessary and certain strict qualification guidelines are met.  Medicaid, on the other hand, can cover nursing home care for much longer periods for those that meet the income and asset requirements.  A senior living line of credit or a life insurance settlement are other options that can be explored for payments.

Skilled Nursing Centers

Information on skilled nursing homes providing senior care and skilled nursing services to seniors in your area or state of preference can be viewed in our Senior Living Directory under the Skilled Nursing Center category. Take a look at the facilities in your area and submit your contact details so that we can match your requirements.  We can request the facilities to get in touch with you for additional information and a facility tour.

Other Care Options

Skilled nursing care is also provided by certain qualified home health care providers. In such a scenario, a skilled nursing professional will visit the residence (home or another senior living community) and provide medical services.