Seniors on Facebook

September 24, 2013

Seniors are becoming the fastest growing demographic to use social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Skype, according to Forbes magazine. With over 39 million people aged 65 or older using these social media platforms, this age group has the most potential for growth in social media usage. According to an All Assisted Living Homes report in 2010, seniors actually make up 14.8 million users (11 percent) of Facebook, which represents a yearly growth of a huge 1448 percent.

Seniors on laptop using Facebook

To further confirm this, the Pew Research Centerai??i??s Internet & American Life Project reports that the 74-plus demographic is growing faster than any other age group on social media. Adding in the fact that baby boomers are starting to enter their golden years, thereai??i??s nothing but tremendous upswing potentialAi??for social media use.

Seniors can use social media to reflect on their achievements and experiences, as well as reestablish relationships cultivated throughout their life. They can use social media to build, maintain, and assess their life at any point.

Social media outlets, like Facebook, can paint a portrait of oneai??i??s life very easily. It can help aging adults organize and prioritize key interests and relationships based on their values and lifestyle. Over 40 percent of seniors use Facebook to reconnect with family and long lost friends, according to the All Assisted Living Homes report.

Time is invaluable, and a platform such as Facebook can help elderly people spend their time with the people who matter most. Facebook organizes relationships, interests, pictures, and events so that aging adults can understand and appreciate how social networks have enriched their life.

The potential that seniors hold in dominating online usage means more content will be catered to their needs and interests. Online marketing companies, which once focused on younger demographics,Ai??will begin targeting older age groups in advertisements. Seniors have sheer strength in numbers and their increasing competence of social media could make them a lucrative focus for marketers.


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